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Psychiatric Secrets Revealed

Welcome to Psychiatric Secrets Revealed!

Jun 30, 2007

Welcome to Episode 65.  Enjoy part II of "cocaine." 
Dr. Mike (Kuna, MD)
Dr. Julie (Nelson-Kuna, PhD)

Jun 23, 2007

Welcome to Episode 64!  Enjoy this golden oldie with
Dr. Mike (Kuna, MD) and Dr. Julie (Nelson-Kuna, PhD).

Jun 17, 2007

Welcome to Episode 63!. Join Dr. Mike (Kuna, MD), Dr. Julie (Nelson-Kuna, PhD) and our expert in this golden oldie.

Jun 11, 2007

Welcome to Episode 62 and summer reruns!  Listen to one of our classic shows and we will be back in August with all new ones!
Dr Mike (Kuna, MD)
Dr. Julie (Nelson-Kuna, PhD)

Jun 3, 2007

Welcome to Episode 61!  Learn this week's Psychiatric Secret Word from Dr. Julie (Nelson-Kuna, PhD).  Dr. Mike (Kuna, MD) is this week's expert and will talk about convulsive treatments.  Dr. Mike (Kuna, MD) will also keep you informed with Psychiatry In The News. ...