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Psychiatric Secrets Revealed

Welcome to Psychiatric Secrets Revealed!

Dec 1, 2013

Welcome to Episode 154!  In this episode Dr. Mike (Kuna, MD) interviews Dr. Emma Cabusao and Nancy Lawler LCPC on the topic of Antisocial Personality Disorder or ASPD.  We often think of individuals with ASPD exclusively as criminals but we may encounter them in everyday life.  Can they be treated?  Find out more by...

Nov 3, 2013

Welcome to Episode 153!  In this episode Dr. Mike (Kuna, MD) interviews Drs. Orland and Sharma on the topic of difficult to treat mood disorders.  Mood disorders include depression and bipolar disorder.  Sometimes simple treatments just don't work and in this episode our experts give some practical insight and answer...

Oct 6, 2013

Welcome to Episode 152!  In this episode Dr. Mike (Kuna, MD) interviews Steven Prinz MD, Julie Nelson-Kuna PhD and Rosetta Sodora RD on the importance of using a team approach when treating eating disorders.

Sep 1, 2013

Welcome to Episode 151!  In this episode Dr. Mike (Kuna, MD) interviews Dr. Emily Settergren on the topic of psychological testing. Classic tests and self reports will be discussed.  We will also talk about why psych testing can be expensive.

Aug 4, 2013

Welcome to Episode 150!  In thie episode the roles are reversed and Dr. Mike (Kuna MD) is interviewed by Dr. Julie Nelson-Kuna on the topic of heroin and the rise of deaths in suburban areas.