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Psychiatric Secrets Revealed

Welcome to Psychiatric Secrets Revealed!

Dec 7, 2014

Welcome to Episode 166!  In this episode Dr. Mike (Kuna MD) talks about the diagnosis and treatment of alcoholism.   Michael Kuna, MD

Nov 2, 2014

Welcome to Episode 165.  In this episode Dr. Mike (Kuna MD) talks about the important topic of insomnia.  What can you do to sleep better?  Are over-the-counter pills effective? Do prescription pills work and what are their pitfalls?

Oct 5, 2014

Welcome to Episode 164!  In this episode Dr. Mike (Kuna, MD) and Dr. Julie Nelson-Kuna, PhD talk about Mindfulness and how it can be helpful not only in psychotherapy but also in daily life.

Psychiatric Secrets Revealed With Dr....

Sep 7, 2014

Welcome to Episode 163.  In this Episode Dr. Mike (Kuna MD) interviews some of the Genesis office staff.  Although this show is designed for our patients it may also provide you with an inside look at the clerical side of a medical practice.  It is more complicated than you think!


Aug 3, 2014

Welcome to Episode 162!  In this episode Dr. Mike (Kuna MD) interviews Dr. Manjare Kumar on the topic of Women's Psychiatry.  Women have unique stresses that must be understood if they are to be successfully treated.