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Psychiatric Secrets Revealed

Welcome to Psychiatric Secrets Revealed!

Jan 6, 2019

Welcome to Episode 213! Singles, married, couples, young and old,  everyone is having less sex.  Why is this?  Listen to find out.

Mike Kuna MD, Julie Nelson-Kuna PhD

We apologize for the poor audio quality of this podcast, we ran into a technical malfunction.

Apr 2, 2018

Welcome to Episode 206!  In this episode, Dr. Mike (Kuna MD) and Dr. Julie (Nelson-Kuna PhD) discuss a disturbing trend in colleges.  More kids are becoming depressed and anxious.

Feb 5, 2018

Welcome to episode 204.  In this episode, Dr. Mike (Kuna MD) and Dr. Julie (Nelson-Kuna PhD) discuss the topics of gender and sexual orientation.  They are NOT the same thing.

Oct 1, 2017

Welcome to Episode 200!!!  In this episode Dr. Jule (Nelson-Kuna PhD) interviews Dr. Mike (Kuna MD) on memories of growing up during the Vietnam war.  

Jun 29, 2017

Welcome to Episode 197!  In this episode Dr. Mike (Kuna MD) and Dr. Julie (Nelson-Kuna PhD) talk about Borderline Personality Disorder.  What are the symptoms?  What are the treatments?  ...and what to do if you are a loved one.

Correction: When I said DSM IV, I should have said DSM V...sorry!  MAK