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Psychiatric Secrets Revealed

Welcome to Psychiatric Secrets Revealed!

Jan 18, 2020

Welcome to episode 5 of my new format.  In this podcast, I talk about three ways that you can change behaviors that are troubling you.  You can read this post at   Mike Kuna MD

Jan 13, 2020

Welcome to episode 4 of my new format.  In this episode, I explore my thoughts on fasting for spiritual reasons.  The transcript of this podcast is at Dr. Mike (Kuna MD)

Jan 4, 2020

Welcome to episode 3 of the new format.  In this episode, Dr. Mike (Kuna) talks about his own personal need to slow down and the importance of "ordinary."

read this blog at

Dec 31, 2019

The audio version of my blog at  Give it a listen to hear the lesson that I learned when celebrating the holidays.

Dr. Mike (Kuna)

Dec 29, 2019

Welcome to episode 1 of our new format.  By request, I'm going to provide an audio version of my blog:  These stories tell you a little bit about me and my general philosophy.  Today's episode explores problem solving and commitment.